Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Franklin, TN

Most patients may need wisdom teeth extraction at some point in life. It is rare for a person to have enough room for all of their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can become impacted and uncomfortable, pushing your other teeth forward and creating a crowded environment for food to become trapped, increasing the risk of infection and decay. In these types of dental situations, it’s best to have your wisdom teeth extracted. When you schedule an appointment with New Image Dentistry, we will examine your teeth, take X-rays and let you know if and when you should schedule an extraction procedure. You can reach us by calling (615) 591-4490.

What is an extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a dental procedure where the wisdom teeth are removed. How they are removed will be based on their current location and whether or not they are impacted.

What is the procedure like?

First, you will receive local anesthesia in order to numb the area. In addition, Dr. Blourchian can administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or sedation dentistry so that you will remain comfortable and relaxed. Most patients who elect to utilize sedation dentistry do not remember having the procedure.

If your wisdom teeth have grown in straight, removing them is fairly easy. However, if your teeth are impacted, the procedure requires oral surgery. In order to access the actual tooth, the gum tissue covering it will need to be cut open in order for Dr. Blourchian to gain access to the tooth. After numbing the area, a flap will be created in the gum tissue. This allows the dentist to view the tooth. If muscle or bone is covering it, that will also need to be cut away to provide clear access to the actual tooth. At this point, Dr. Blourchian may be able to grab the tooth and simply lift it out of the socket. However, if it does not budge when wiggled, then the actual tooth will need to be broken into several pieces that can be extracted individually.

Once the tooth has been entirely removed, the area will need to be carefully cleaned. Afterward, the flap of gum tissue can lay flat and be sutured back in place. In order to stop the bleeding, the dentist will place gauze on the area.

What are the aftercare steps following wisdom teeth extraction?

Immediately following wisdom teeth extraction, you will remain at the dental office until the effects of the anesthesia have worn off. During this time, you will be monitored to ensure that any bleeding has slowed and that the gauze is working sufficiently. When ready, you will be sent home to finish your recovery. As with any surgical procedure, make sure to have a driver present to escort you home and take care of you after surgery.

At New Image Dentistry, we tell patients who are planning for an extraction to prepare ahead of time. You will need to rest when you get home, so have your bed ready with plenty of pillows to prop up your head. Fill your nightstand with water bottles, additional gauze, ibuprofen, and some good books or movies. Plan on taking it easy for the next 48 hours and limit yourself to calm activities to keep your blood pressure lower as this will reduce bleeding. For the first 24 hours, do not smoke, suck through a straw, rinse your mouth vigorously or clean the teeth next to the extraction site. These activities will dislodge the clot and slow healing. During recovery, eat soft, nutritious foods for the first 24 hours. Do not consume alcoholic beverages, hot or spicy foods for the first day. You may resume eating normally the next day or as you are comfortable.

After an extraction, it is important for a blood clot to form to stop the bleeding and begin the healing process. We ask that you bite on a gauze pad for 30-45 minutes after the extraction. If bleeding or oozing continues after you remove the gauze pad, place another gauze pad and bite firmly for another 30 minutes. You may need to repeat this process several times. Gently rinse your mouth with salt water three times a day beginning the day after the extraction. Also, gently rinse after meals, it helps to keep food out of the extraction site. It may take up to two weeks to be 100 percent back to normal, so during this time, be sure to avoid any nuts, chips or foods that could crunch and scratch your gum tissue.

You will need to schedule a follow-up visit with the dentist to ensure that you are healing properly. Call our office right away if you have heavy bleeding, severe pain, a reaction to medication or continued swelling after 2-3 days.

How long is wisdom teeth extraction recovery time?

The first 48 hours are critical since this is when you may experience bleeding, pressure, and swelling. After this, it can take a week or two to recover fully. Your actual recovery time will be based on the complexity of the procedure.

How to prevent an infection after removal?

As a dentist, we are always concerned about infections post-surgery. Whether you have a wisdom teeth extraction or need to have another tooth removed, there is always the risk that the area will become exposed to bacteria. To prevent this, you should rinse your mouth periodically with warm saltwater. Brushing your teeth is also important, even though you need to carefully avoid the surgical site. In some cases, an antibiotic mouth rinse may also be prescribed.

Is a wisdom teeth extraction really necessary?

At New Image Dentistry, we understand that every patient’s condition is unique. If you have plenty of room for all of your teeth including your third molars, removal may not be necessary. However, any tooth that is impacted needs to be removed because it is posing a direct threat to the adjacent teeth and roots, in addition to being a target for infections. The best way to find out if your wisdom teeth should be removed is to call (615) 591-4490 and schedule an appointment with our Franklin dentist office. We can make a recommendation and answer any other questions you have about the procedure.


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